The East Coast Cannabis Competition

Grumpy’s Genetics Category

As a seed breeder I want to have my genetics compete as well. But separately so there will never be accusations of favoritism or cheating if they win. ALL flower from Grumpy’s ‘Magik Beanz’ strains must be entered in THIS category – NOT in the Indica and Sativa Dominant categories.

In the future I will consider adding other private categories for Grumpy’s strains in concentrate, etc.. As well as consider a neutral person throwing this Cannabis Competition for me in years to come. Or other ways of being 100% transparent in this honorable Cup.

NOTE: The competitors in this part of the competition will also be asked for a cutting of what they compete with when they drop off their entries. For the genetic betterment of the Grumpy Giant strains we love so much.

The East Coast BBQ Competition

A New England Barbecue Society, NEBS, sanctioned event, will be held on the Sunday of The Grumpy Cup. The event will be hosted by BBQ and Buds with host pitmaster Kevin Koszarek. A two category event, brisket and pork butt, with meats provided by The Grumpy Cup, will be contested on Sunday, July 10th. This event will have certified NEBS judges and VIP special guest judges, qualifies for Pitmaster of the Year awards. The entry fee for the NEBS sanctioned competition is $300 and the meats will be provided. Choice order of meats will be decided by lottery prior to competition weekend. Turn in times for Pork Butt is 2:00pm and for Brisket, 3:00pm. There will be an awards show at 5:00pm to announce the winners and present trophies and prizes. 100% of entry fees goes to prizes. Sunday isn’t the only BBQ event.

On Saturday, there will be “2” people’s choice events during the day. First, there will be a wings competition with people’s choice tickets available for sale and provided to VIPs at 12:00pm on Saturday, July 9th. A separate people’s choice ribs competition will be hosted at 5:00pm on Saturday, July 9th, as well. Both competitions are a $50 entry fee. The voting tickets will be sold to the first 50 people for each competition. Each competition requires a separate ticket. The prize money will be a 50/50 split between the winner of each competition, and a non-profit that supports military veterans. Winners will be announced at an awards show at 6:00pm to announce the winners of both competitions. Trophies will be given for top 3 places of each competition.