Grumpy’s Dream

Grumpy’s Dream: From the beginnings of my smoking cannabis in high school in Michigan I always wanted to attend and judge at the Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam. Dreams of what it would be like walking around smoking openly. Meeting other smokers and famous stoner Icons and pigging out on the best of food. I’ve never made it to Amsterdam and the Cannabis Cups I have attended in the US (while fun!) never had the feeling I dreamed about. They were indoors and contained. No good classic music or special food for the munchies. Mostly vendors and no where to smoke really.

At some point recently between COVID lockdown and health issues during it I decided I was DONE sitting on my ass and was going to go for it and try and replicate my dream cup as much as I can. I hope The Grumpy Cup sets the measure for other cannabis cups to consider with them popping up more and more as states decriminalize or legalize cannabis. My goal is to have people walking away feeling like they were all VIPS. Wanting to go back the next day! And looking forward to the next years event and festivities. Wondering who they will see then.

About Us

Phill Lamson (AKA The Grumpy Giant or Grumpy) began smoking cannabis medicinally in HS and early college when he realized it helped him with many of his mental and physical ailments – without the side effects that pills and medications often gave him. His love for BBQ started while playing basketball in Junior College down in Kilgore Texas in the mid 80s. He moved out to Massachusetts hoping to, but never attending, UMass and it’s well known business school.

When 9-11 happened Grumpy joined The Army hoping to become a Ranger and help the war against terrorism. But military training was too much for his older body as he enlisted just a few days before being too old to join at 38. ‘Ranger training’ send 12 soldiers including Grumpy to the Hospital the 1st day. The rest were 18-21 years old and not over 7 feet tall. They had boots, socks and beds they fit in. As well as the ability to do overhead claps w/o destroying ceiling panels in the barracks. Grumpy pushed too hard trying to succeed, destroyed his shoulder and almost had his ankle(s) amputated for it. And like that his dreams of killing Bin Laden ended. He was an idiot and accepted a Neutral Discharge to get home that week. Rather then spend months in processing and healing. He limps to this day.

After returning from Ft Bennings Grumpy began gathering the genetics to start his own cannabis seed breeding program and creating the ‘Magik Beanz’ strains he is known around the world for today. Grumpy has donated thousands of seeds/packs to organizations helping veterans. And others. Grumpy has 4 “dumbass” boys and an amazing wife he loves and is trying to do right by as well. He hopes the Grumpy Cup will not only establish a higher standard in the industry but will live on long after him under his kids teamwork in the family name.

BBQ Competition Coordinator: Kevin Koszarek

Kevin started his BBQ addiction when moving to Texas at the age of 15. Since then, it’s been a constant education of BBQ across the world for him. Nothing beats a great smoked brisket or pulled pork. So he learned from one of the best, Aaron Franklin, and use the skills taught to constantly improve his BBQ since then. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, he has sampled BBQ from the best and the worst pitmasters in America. And enjoys his job.